Monday, June 18, 2018

Random stuff, including my life verse, burritos, and camp

A few months ago, I decided to lose some weight so I wouldn't be a stereotypical fat American when we visit Korea.  Since then, I've gained, lost, regained more, lost a little, etc.  We leave in 5 days, and I currently weigh more than I did before I decided to lose weight.  Mike has been on a similar cycle.  The older we get, the harder it is to maintain a healthy weight.  Speaking of getting older...I can't see to read any of my Bibles except the King James, because it has larger print.  It is not my favorite version, but I've been reading it lately because I can see its words without wearing glasses.  This morning, I was excited to read this in Proverbs 28:25:  "He that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat."  The versions I usually read say "prosper" instead of "be made fat" so this version was like a brand new verse to me.  Mike was nearby, so I pronounced the good news to him.  I said, "You know why we're fat?  It's because we putteth our trust in the Lord!"  That might be my current life verse. 

I've been trying to clean the house before we leave so it will be clean for my dad to live here while we're gone, but every time I clean something, someone messes it up.  When Noah got up this morning and wandered into the kitchen, I said, "Good morning!  I just cleaned, so don't cook, eat, or use anything."

Disobeying my own instructions, I was making burritos for lunch.  Noah was watching me roll them up and put them on a baking sheet. 
N: Are you going to bake them?
M: Yes.
N: Will they get hard?
M: They will crisp up, yes.
N: Can you leave one soft for me?
[I rolled one up and handed it to him.  Half an hour later, I noticed the raw burrito with a couple bites missing out of it, still sitting on his plate.]
M: How was your burrito?
N: Good. Kind of squishy though. It would probably be better if it was baked.

They were much better baked.
Later, he was working on math and said he was stuck and needed help.  I gave him a couple hints and he worked it out and solved it easily.  I said, "See how well your brain works when you use it?" and he said, "Uh, thanks?  I guess that was a compliment..."

Sarah was at camp for the last two weeks for training She was home for one day to unpack, wash, and repack.  We took her back yesterday and will pick her up the day before we leave for Korea, so she can unpack, wash, and repack.

 Mike was annoyed that she brought so much stuff, that she left him to carry most of it, and that I took a picture of it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Making tshirts

I just finished an especially good lecture to Noah, ending with this little tidbit:
J: In your room AND in math, life is easier if you organize it. Put that on a tshirt! Boom!
N: If you put that on a tshirt, I wouldn't wear it.
J: I'd probably find it in a heap on your floor.

The long math ordeal finally ended, and he moved on to researching the paper he's writing for English.
N (reading): Administration of female sex hormones can be used to help control prostate cancer.

J: It also turns you into a girl.  It's better to be a girl than to be dead. Put that on a tshirt! Boom!
N: I'd wear that one.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My favorite vegan cheese

I have tried various recipes for making vegan cheese, some of them requiring a lot of ingredients, steps, and time.  This one is my favorite, because it's easy and quick to make, and it's versatile and tasty.
    1 cup raw cashews
    1/2 cup tapioca flour (also called tapioca starch)
    2 tsp lemon juice
    2 1/2 cups water
    3 T. nutritional yeast
    1 1/2 tsp sea salt
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1/2 tsp pepper
I soak the cashews for as long as I have time (sometimes it's only 10 minutes; sometimes it's several hours), then whir everything up in the blender till it's completely smooth.  Pour it into a saucepan.  Cook and stir until it thickens into one big gelatinous mound of yum.  I have experimented with putting other seasoning in it as well, such as smoked paprika or Italian seasoning, or dill, or even salsa.   

I use that cheese for quesadillas mostly, although I have been known to just spread it on crackers.  I have discovered that if there are leftovers of something that Noah didn't especially like the first time around, I can put it between 2 tortillas with this cheese and make it into a quesadilla, and he loves it.  I've been getting more creative with my quesadillas lately.  Yesterday for breakfast, I made Mexican ones.  I started with the cheese, added salsa, black beans, and cumin on a tortilla.

 I spread more cheese on another tortilla, topped the first one, and cooked and flipped till it was a nice, crispy quesadilla.

Today, Noah wanted that same thing for breakfast again, but I was out of tortillas.  I did have tortilla chips, so he had the brilliant idea of just making a dip out of the cheese, salsa, beans, and cumin.  
My best source for raw cashews (after much trial and error) is the Indian grocery store on Pioneer Parkway in Peoria.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cleaning Sarah's room

Before Sarah left for camp, we told her that she'd better clean her room or else it would be cleaned for her while she was gone.  It was an atrocious pit in there.  She worked on it some, but it was still a wreck when she left.  Mike spent over four hours in there cleaning it today.
 He unearthed lots of surprising things, including this sweet card she made for Noah (whose 16th birthday was 7 months ago, and this was still sealed in an envelope deep in the bowels of Sarah's room):
  A doll's arm on a stick:
A fully intact banana that must have been behind her dresser for years:
Other miscellaneous items:
an unopened utility bill from over a year ago (good thing we're on autopay)
my scissors that I've been missing for years
Noah's jeans that have been missing for months
Mike's masking tape
an outgrown shirt with other shirts stuffed in the sleeves (????)
vase of long-dead flowers
3 big bags full of garbage
8 empty boxes of various sizes

The perfect solution

I've had an ongoing problem for about 8 months.  Friends from church had a baby and named him Rowan.  He's a beautiful, delightful person.  Around the same time, our neighbors got an adorable puppy.  They named him Ronin.  I realize that Rowan is the person and Ronin is the dog.  I totally understand the difference.  But for some reason, something happens between my brain and my mouth, and I continually get their names reversed.  So I have to be very careful and think before I speak.  I always hesitate before I say either name, because I don't trust myself to get it right. 

The other day, I was telling Noah something about Ronin, and as usual, I said, "Ro... [pause to think, is it Ronin or Rowan?]...nin" and Noah said something absolutely genius that has forever solved the problem.  He said, "Why don't you just call them both 'Rowan'?  The dog doesn't care."  So now they are both Rowan to me. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Sarah's hair

 I bought Sarah some foam rollers.  We rolled her up after her shower and she went to bed.
 In the morning, she was very curly!
Beautiful ringlet.

No school today

Too busy for school work today.  I took the kids to the allergy doctor this morning.  Then we had some time to kill before we had to be at the dentist, so we went to Kroger.  An adorable little girl broke away from her mom to stare at the candy aisle. Her mom called, "Emmy, come here" and kept walking. So then we were alone in the candy aisle with this kid, and we knew her name, so Noah said to her, "Step away from the candy, Emmy. It's a slippery slope." I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.  Lemonade mix was on sale, and the kids both wanted one, so I bought two.  Then we went to La Fiesta for lunch, and Sarah took her whole big container of lemonade mix in to the restaurant, ordered a water, and made herself some pink lemonade.  She also ordered chicken fingers and fries at a Mexican restaurant. 

Our lunch conversation involved Sarah predicting how and when I will die. Noah started looking worried.  He said, "Will you make a list of all your friends so I will know who to invite to your funeral?  I'm afraid I'll leave someone out."  I explained that you don't invite people to funerals.  It's just open to whoever wants to come.  Both kids were surprised about that.  I guess it's something we never covered before.  We've taken them to lots of funerals; I guess they just thought we were invited to all of them.  

We still had an hour to kill before the dentist, so we went to the library.  Sarah asked the librarian for book suggestions and checked out several books.  She started reading one in the car and said it was very good.  When we finally got home, Noah and I mowed.  Well, mostly Noah, but I did a little.  Then I was harvesting the few strawberries that the bunnies and birds have left for me.  I put them in  a nice little pile, then went to get a shovel out of the shed.  When I made back, I found that Noah had accidentally mowed over my berries, making a little smoothie for the birds and bunnies.
 Then I lopped down a couple overgrown bushes, and Noah hauled them away for me. 
It was hot out there!  I took two showers today.  I hate summer, but sometimes it does feel good to work hard and get soaked with sweat and then take a cold shower.