Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gandhi poems

After learning about Gandhi in history, I asked the kids to write a poem about him.

Be peaceful, not hateful.
Be patient, not quick to anger.
Respond to hate with love,
and racism with acceptance.
Be kind to your brother
as God has been kind to us,
going the extra mile.

Gandhi was very good.
He used all the things he could.
Free the Indians is what he did.
Got them out of the British jar and lid.
He stood up for Indians on his little feet.
After his life he said it was sweet.
He fought for his freedom as he fought for his life.
He married a great, beautiful wife.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Conversation with my teenager

I went outside on this beautiful morning while both kids were still sleeping. When I came back inside, Noah was on the couch.

N (mumbling sleepily): I couldn't find you. I didn't know where you were.
M: I was outside making nesting boxes for ducks. Were you worried?
N: No. I looked all over the house and called for you, but then I just lay down on the couch and fell asleep.
M: What if I had a head wound and needed you to call 911?
N: How would you get a head wound making duck boxes?
M: Maybe I fell down and hit my head on a brick!

A few minutes later I was in the kitchen.

M: I'm making vegan Mexican lasagna.  Do you want to learn how to make it?
N: Why would I ever need to learn how to make it?
M: What if I get a head wound?
N: Then the last thing on my mind would be making vegan Mexican lasagna.
M: Aw. You'd be too distraught to eat.
N: No, I'd be ordering pizza.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

More poetry

Our devotional reading was from Ecclesiastes this morning, which inspired Sarah to write this:

A Time to be Bored, which is why I'm writing this poem.
(Inspired by Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)
by Sarah Janes

When thou shall see thy light
Thou shall think it merry and bright.
But hold on, my cheerful dear.
When you see the light, it might be time to tear.
A time to sleep
and a time to wake.
A time to eat
and a time to bake.
A time to bathe
and a time to mud.
A time to dry
and a time to flood.
A time to pet
and a time to cuddle
A time to run
into a large puddle.
A time to refrain from getting wet
and a time to stroke a fluffy pet.
A time to sit
and a time to stand.
A time to let your hair down
and a time to wear your favorite headband.
A time to count
and a time to spell.
A time to be sick
and a time to be well.
A time to taste
and a time to smell.
A time to whisper
and a time to yell.
A time to run
and a time to walk.
A time to be silent
and a time to talk.
A time to fidget
and a time to be still.
A time to do
whatever is God's will.
You shall follow
wherever He goes.
Take time to listen
to what He knows.

And Noah was inspired to say this:
"Hey I wish I could go for a hike in the woods with the President, so I could say, 'Trump took a dump on a stump."

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gold poems

The kids had a writing assignment today to write a poem of at least twelve lines about gold.


Dear Jesus, as I lay,
it is not gold for which I pray.
It is not rubies with their brilliant luster,
nor silver in its beautiful clusters.
It is not emerald with its beautiful green.
And God I really don't want to be mean.
But wisdom is worth more than gold.
Gold it has a shimmer and shine,
but wisdom is perfect; I wish it were mine.
Wisdom is beyond all riches.
People who ask for money are witches.
So please, God, as I lay,
give me more patience and wisdom day by day.


Gold I mine,
Gold is fine,
Gold could be my valentine.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hair and confiscation

Sarah was brushing her hair on my bed this morning, and I asked her how it feels to have such beautiful hair.  She said, "Beautiful hair comes with a price.  I have to brush these tangles out every morning. And this time I have to use this tiny little travel brush because Dad confiscated my big brush."  I asked why he confiscated it, and she said, "I broke a rule.  I don't remember which one.  I either left it on the counter or left the drawer open that it goes in and then Dad ran into it." 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sexist Uncle Noah

Yesterday Noah told me that he wasn't going to get married because it was too much of a commitment and a chore.  He said, "For example...I like petting Marty [his favorite cat], but if you made me sign a piece of paper that committed me to petting her every day for a certain amount of time, then it becomes just another job I have to do every day.  It's no longer a joy." 

Today, after playing a new game on his Xbox, he said, "When I show my kids this game, they'll think it's so boring and old fashioned.  They'll have some new virtual reality game that they can step right into and won't believe it when I tell them I used to play this every day." 

I said, "How are you going to have these kids?"
Remembering yesterday's conversation, he backtracked and said, "Well, not MY kids.  My nephews."
Me: What about your nieces?
Noah: No way.  They're not touching my Xbox.
Me: That's sexist.  Girls like video games too.
Noah: Ok...I guess they can watch.
Sarah: I'm not letting my kids anywhere near their sexist Uncle Noah!