Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cloud pictures

The kids and I were looking at clouds yesterday.  Lots of interesting fluffy ones up there in the pretty summer sky.  I saw one that looked like a lion, so I said, "Hey, that one looks like a lion!"  Noah said, "Oh yeah, it does!  But it also looks like it could be a scorpion."  Sarah said, "No, you're both wrong. It's a teapot."  And when we saw it, we had to agree.  Teapot was the best interpretation.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Can't win

Sarah and I were driving to Peoria and hit that spot where the construction zone ends and the speed limit suddenly goes from 45 to 70.  I was gradually speeding up, when a little white-haired lady in a Buick passed me in the passing lane.  Sarah said, "Why are you going so slow, Mom?!  A granny just passed us!"  I explained that I was in the process of accelerating. When I got up to 70, I passed Old Buick Lady and yelled back to Sarah, "Did you see that?  I just passed someone!  Woo-hoo!"  She rolled her eyes and said, "Passing a granny is not an accomplishment to celebrate."

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Yo mama disintegration

Well, I'm way behind on blogging.  Lots has happened, but I haven't blogged it.  Just a quick one today because I want to remember these things the kids have said.  

First, Noah made a "yo mama" joke to Sarah, and she said, "You realize we have the same mother, right?" and he changed it to, "Yo birthmama!"

Noah was asking me what I want done with my body after I die.  He asked if I wanted it buried or ashes scattered somewhere or what. I told him that I won't be in my body anymore and couldn't care less what happens to it.  I told him all those funeral arrangement things are for the benefit of the survivors, not the dead, so to discuss it with Sarah and do whatever brings them comfort.  He immediately yelled to Sarah in the next room, "Hey, Sarah!  What do you want to have done with Mom's body after she dies?"  Without hesitation, she yelled back, "Have it disintegrated!"  He said, "What, just throw it out in the backyard to rot?"  She said, "No!  Have it disintegrated! Isn't that when they burn it into ashes?"  He said, "It's called cremation, not disintegration!"  She shrugged and said, "Whatever."