Sunday, June 30, 2013

Man Makeover

 Sarah gave free mandatory "makeovers" today.

 foot bath

mud mask with cucumber.  The "mask" was just a big glob of lotion.

I also got a free pedicure.  Shiloh put her foot on mine just as I taking the picture. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Multisport Extravaganza

 Our friend Beth organized this event, and Mike helped with the website, so we got to go try it out for free!  

 I tried a paddle board for the first time. 

 Noah and Sarah kayaking

 The obstacle course starts with running through tires.  That was the only easy part.

Then you go across this wall, which is so much harder than it looks.  In the middle of my turn on the wall, it started pouring rain!  That made it even harder. It rained through the rest of time on the course.

Next, you pull these tractor tires,

then crawl under some ropes,

 flip these heavy tires over,

scale an eight-foot wall (blurry because it was raining so hard, but that's Noah on the wall),

jump over some hay bales, and turn around and do it all in reverse.

 Noah finished first.

 I was proud of Sarah for finishing!

 Then we had to slog through the mud to get back to our car.  We wanted to go mountain biking but the trails were too slippery and muddy, so they cancelled the bike ride.  It was fun (and challenging), in spite of the rain!

Baby Raccoon

 My friend Jamie rescued this little raccoon and let us come to her house to see her.

 Giving Sarah the straight arm

 Climbing on Noah's head like a coonskin cap.

 Noah giving her the crooked eye.

Holding hands with Sarah.

Blue belt testing

Those horrible exercises called "Good mornings".  They do a lot of them during testing


Doing a hundred situps immediately after doing a hundred pushups.  A couple people were crying by this point.  It's like watching a torture session.  I always have to look away.

Noah didn't have any trouble keeping little Jenna down.
He had to break 3 boards.

Sarah watching him break boards.
The ones tied in the yellow belt were the ones he broke this time.  Thicker boards than the ones he broke for his last test, tied in the white belt.

Off with the yellow...

and on with the blue.

Homemade Hot Pockets

 Noah loves Hot Pockets for breakfast, and we were out of them, so I tried to make some. I sauteed some diced potatoes, peppers, onions, and sausage.  

 whisked up a few eggs with salt, pepper, and a little mustard (I always put mustard in my eggs), then added them to my pan of sauteed stuff.

 made a whole wheat dough

 wrapped them up into little pockets

 baked them

added some cheese. They were ok, but not worth all the work.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Basketball project--finally done!

Mike recruited two tall strong guys from church to help put up the backboard.  I told Noah it was the body of Christ in action.  He said, "It looks like a couple guys standing on a truck to me."  I told him that sometimes that's what the body of Christ looks like.  Notice Marty in the grass.

Attaching the rim
Sunset basketball

American Girl Day

 Sarah eating a peach in the car on the way to American Girl Day.  She's so excited!

She brought her Kanani doll.  That's her McKenna doll in the background.  The children's librarian asked if the library could borrow her as part of their display.

 Grandma likes American Girl Day too.

 Sarah with her free DQ cone and the frame she decorated.

 Just had her nails done.

 It was super hot and humid walking around outside, so it felt good to go inside for lunch.

The American Girl special: grilled cheese, fruit, and chips.