Monday, March 25, 2013

Cute crafty girl

Sarah made a bouquet of tissue paper roses.


Friends invited us to their woods for a battle with airsoft guns.
   Sarah wasn't into the battle, so she kept herself busy with gymnastics,


 roasting marshmallows,

looking cute,


 watching hawks,




 and tending the fire.

 The warriors heading to the woods.

 Target practice

 post-marshmallow cleanup

Monday, March 18, 2013

More training required

I sometimes tell my kids a story and ask them what they would do in that situation.  I'm trying to train them to do the right thing so when it comes up, they'll know what to do.  Today I said, "What would you do if you were at someone's house and you accidentally broke something of theirs but nobody saw you do it?"   Sarah immediately replied, "I'd tell them not to buy such cheap stuff!"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Silly Sarah

Sarah wrote this acrostic about herself today:

Really smart
Help in the kitchen

We were having a random conversation, (most of her talk is very random) and she said that when she grows up, she's going to live in a house that looks like a giant cupcake. 

My awesome grandma

Too sick to even read or watch tv this afternoon, I was just staring out the window, watching the snowflakes fly.  Suddenly I remembered a story about my grandma.  I guess I'm biased, but I've always thought she was perfect.

I remembered a day when I was sick as a little girl, and there was a big snowstorm.  I couldn't go out and play. I just stared out my bedroom window at all the snow.  My grandma, who lived next door, built a snowman right outside my window and put a sign in its branchy arms that said   "get well soon!".

Sarah was in bed next to me when I thought of it, so I told her. Then I said that when she grew up and had my grandkids, I hoped they'd never get sick, but if they do, I hope I can build a snowman for them outside their windows.

sick ramblings

So miserably sick with the flu, but I had to go out to pick up a prescription, so I bought a papaya while I was out so I could make this drink.  I've never bought a papaya before and don't know what I'm doing.  The sign said 99 cents, and I thought that was pretty good.  I was miserable and sick and not in the mood to spend any time picking out the best fruit. So I just grabbed the biggest one I saw and took it to the checkout.  When it rang up $4.50, my razor-sharp flu brain realized it must be 99 cents PER POUND, not per fruit.  Too miserable to go back and pick a smaller one, I bought it.

As you may know, my kittens love cantaloupe and think they have to have some every morning.  They were very interested in my papaya, swarming around my legs, standing up on their hind feet, sniffing the air, and meowing at me as I cut it open.   I gave them a little taste, but I don't want them to get too excited, because I'm not buying them papaya on a regular basis.  The cantaloupe is bad enough.

So I made the drink, and it was good.  There's a lot of papaya sitting on the counter looking at me, but guess what?  Too sick to do anything about it. Just covered it with plastic and shuffled away. 

Why do the pharmacy workers have to stand way up there on their lofty pedestal and look down at you?  I got there right when they opened, and I was the only customer.  I was standing there at the pickup window where the workers can't even see me, even if they were trying, which they weren't.  They were talking about how cute one of the workers' puppy is.  Normally, I could be a little patient and appreciate a cute puppy.  But I'm not normal today. I'm miserable, and I don't care about your stupid puppy.  After a couple minutes, I jangled my keys. Nothing.  I got my insurance card out and scraped it on the counter. The worker glanced over, then went back to laughing about how the puppy chewed on its bone for half an hour. I'm supposed to be a good Christian, but I admit I was fantasizing about whacking that woman with a huge dog bone.  Finally, in her own sweet time, she moseyed over, still giggling and jolly, and gave me my drugs.

There is really no point to this post.  I'm going back to bed.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

knowledge of good and evil

I was playing Bananagrams with Noah, and I saw some tiles flipped upside down.  I asked him about it.  He said the letters were D, A, and N.  I said, "Why are they face down?" and he looked sheepish and said, "Because I made a bad word."  I said, "How did you ever learn that that was a bad word, and how do you know how to spell it?"  He immediately responded, "How do YOU?" 

Monday, March 4, 2013


 Sarah was doing a report on Africa, which led her to want to tie-dye.
 Noah got into it too.

 They did that for a long time, and then Sarah wanted to make "rainbow rice".  That doesn't really relate to her Africa study, but it used up the rest of the tie-dye coloring.

Farm vet

Noah was pretending to a own a farm.  He was also a veterinarian.  Here he's performing surgery on one of this animals (note his sterile instruments).  He pretended Shiloh was a wolf who came to attack his animals.

Daddy-daughter dance

Sarah painting Daddy's nails (dramatically, of course)
picking out his clothes
putting glittery silver nail polish on him
She wanted me to braid her hair
and put a fancy bow in it.