Sunday, November 29, 2009

Too many Amys

Yesterday I mentioned that it was my cousin Amy's birthday. The kids continually get her confused with their aunt, whose name is also Amy, because they hardly ever see Cousin Amy. In fact, there was a period of time when the kids referred to her as "Different Amy", because at one time I had said, "No, it's not Aunt Amy; it's a different Amy."

So yesterday, I specifically made a point to emphasize that it was COUSIN Amy's birthday. The point was totally lost on my audience. Sarah said, "Oh, I wonder if Sam and Ben and Paul (AUNT Amy's kids) sang to her!" I explained yet again, that Cousin Amy is not Aunt Amy.

Finally, Noah said, "Oh, is she the one who's a missionary?" I replied that yes, that's the one. Then Sarah utterly perplexed me by saying, "Oh yeah! The one who lives in a museum!" I stared at her, in awe that a mother could have absolutely zero idea what her own child was talking about. Since I was speechless, Noah took over for me and asked, "What museum?" Sarah said, "The new museum." After a moment of confused silence, Noah smiled and said, "No, Sarah, it's not called new museum. It's New Zealand." I had to remind them that she doesn't even live in New Zealand anymore, but at least they had the right Amy.

Back in time

Noah and Sarah were good-naturedly teasing each other. I don't remember how it started, but it involved Noah doing something unintelligent and Sarah saying, "Looks like you need to go back to kindergarten." That prompted Noah to say, "Well then, you need to go back to preschool!" Sarah's comeback was, "You need to go back to being a baby!" Determined to have the last word, Noah replied, "You need to go back to your birthmother's uterus!"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cleaning windows

I was scrubbing bird brains off the windows this morning. Whenever I clean the windows (which is certainly not often), I'm reminded of my former boss when I worked at a theater in high school. She was very particular about how the glass doors were cleaned, which was one of my responsibilities. She insisted on using newspaper to clean the glass, and it always left my hands black.

So now my hands are black again, and my windows are clean. Not spotless, and probably wouldn't be approved by my former boss, but my kids will have their dirty little hands on them soon anyway. I told the kids that I just cleaned the windows (hoping they won't touch them for at least a couple days), and Noah asked how clean they were. I said they were good enough for me. He said, "Yes, but are they good enough for Grandma?"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hacking and rummaging up lunch

The kids thought they would do something nice for me and make lunch all by themselves. My job was to stay out of the kitchen and let them work. I asked them what they were going to make, and Sarah said, "We can't tell you; it's a surprise." I was listening nearby, and heard their conversation:

Sarah: What are we making?
Noah: I don't know. I thought you had a plan!
Sarah: Well you're the one who wanted to make lunch.
Noah: You're the one who told Mom it was a surprise, so what is it?
Sarah: What is what?
Noah: What is the surprise?
Sarah: Lunch!
Noah: What are we making?
Sarah: I don't know!

It was starting to sound a little like a "Who's on First?" routine, but then finally Noah announced, "Ok, you rummage the pantry for something to eat. I'll hack up an apple."

When they called me for lunch, on the table was a bag of chex mix, an apple (very hacked up), a bag of carrots, and three pieces of string cheese.

Homeschooling at its finest

Noah was quizzing Sarah on her Civil War knowledge (or lack thereof). He asked her who the commander of the confederate army was. She looked like she was concentrating and really trying to remember. Finally she said, "Oh, I know! Albert Pujols!"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scary Siths

I was baking cookies while the kids were dressing up as Star Wars siths. Noah peered into the oven and said, "Mmmm....cookies: a sith's only weakness." Sarah was looking for something to make herself look scary, and she decided on her lion mask that she made at CBS for the lesson on Daniel in the lions' den. Noah said, "That's brilliant, Sarah! It would be even scarier if it didn't have a Bible verse on the back."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Calgon Moment

It was my week to work in the children's department at Bible study, so I spent the morning with 8 two-year-olds. Then we did our usual Thursday Aldi stop. When we got home, the kids were unloading and hauling in the groceries, while I was putting groceries away and trying to make lunch at the same time. Soon I heard glass shattering and Noah screaming. I looked out and saw shards of glass and pasta sauce all over the garage. Before I could deal with that, the doorbell rang. It was the old lady across the street wanting to talk to me about taking care of her cat for a week. I told her I would come over later, and as she was leaving the phone rang. The oven started beeping. Groceries still covered the counters, and Noah was still standing in spaghetti sauce and glass. I cut the phone call short, pulled the food out of the oven, and headed for the garage. The smoke detector started blaring. I glanced around for hidden cameras, thinking I MUST be on candid camera, or that maybe I had forgotten that the Calgon people were coming to shoot a commercial today.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cookie Helper

I told Sarah that I was going to make some cookies, and she said, "I can be your helper. I'd be great at licking the spoon."

Veterans Day

I was explaining to the kids that today is about honoring those who have served in the military and fought for our freedom. Sarah said, "Oh, you mean like Papa?" I told her that Papa was never in the military, and she said, "But he has guns on his walls..."

Monday, November 9, 2009

How old are we?!

I told the kids I was going to let them watch some old home videos of us when we were first married, before we had kids. Noah said, "Are they in black and white?"

Monday, November 2, 2009


Before Mike left for work this morning, he hugged us as usual. Noah hooked a glowing yellow necklace around his daddy's neck as he hugged him. Mike didn't notice, and off to work he went. We laughed and made wagers on who would be the first coworker to notice.

About an hour later, I sent him an email and asked if anyone had said anything about his appearance. He replied, "Not sure what you mean?" I told him that Noah had played a little trick on him and suggested he might want to look in a mirror. He discovered his adornment and thought it was a pretty good trick. One of his coworkers had noticed but not said anything, because he thought he might be wearing it for medical reasons!