Thursday, March 12, 2015

Respectful disagreement

Over the last several days, Noah and I have disagreed about three things:

1) Whether or not Hitler was awesome.

2) Whether or not Truman should have authorized dropping atomic bombs on Japan.

3) Whether "More Than You Think I Am" is a good song or not.

He usually agrees with me, but I like that lately he's thinking for himself, forming and expressing his own opinions, and most of all, doing it respectfully.  He always says, "I respect your opinion, Mom, but I disagree."  Proof that I am raising a human, not a sheep.

Crazy emperor

We learned this little tidbit while studying Japanese history:

"Emperor Taisho developed a mental illness that left him incapacitated.  In 1913, he rolled his prepared speech into a telescope and stared at the assembly through it instead of reading it."

We probably shouldn't have laughed at the emperor's mental illness, but we sure did.  We even went around reenacting it all day. 

Daddy-daughter dances

Mike and Sarah just attended their fifth daddy-daughter dance, which inspired me to dredge up all the pictures:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Noah's funeral

Noah planned his funeral today.  (He's not really that morbid; he's just a planner.)  He wants people to tell stories.  He doesn't want it to be long and boring and sad.  He wants snacks to be served during the funeral and lots of good food afterwards.  As people leave, they will get a goody bag which will include a picture of Noah, a Gospel tract, a bell, and a kazoo.  I asked why the bell and the kazoo, and he said, "No reason.  Just for fun."

Monday, March 2, 2015

Grocery store violation

I was at a grocery store at a non-busy time, and a song came on that I used to love but hadn't heard for many years.  After checking to be sure nobody else was in the aisle with me, I started doing a little dance while I was browsing the clearance items.  After a couple minutes, I heard over the loudspeaker, "Twenty-one in aisle 12.  Twenty-one in aisle 12, please."  I wondered what that could be code for and decided I would go over to aisle 12 and see what was going on.  I looked up in horror and saw that I was in aisle 12!  And I was still the only one in it!  I hadn't spilled anything or stolen anything, so what on earth could a "twenty-one" be?  I'm convinced it must mean, "Turn the hidden security cameras to aisle 12 and have yourself a good laugh!"