Friday, August 22, 2014

Take the meat!

Anyone remember the "Take the pen!" scene from Seinfeld?  If not, here it is:
This happened to me at Kroger today.  We were browsing the marked-down meat section, and I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner. They said tacos, and I was happy to see that there was one package of ground beef marked down.  I went to get a produce bag to put it in, because I hate it when the package leaks and meat juice drips on me.  When I got back two seconds later, the meat was gone.  I looked around in shock, and there was a lady putting it in her cart.  I said to the kids, "Oh, she got the ground beef!" She heard me, took it out of her cart, and then this happened:
Lady: Here, you can have it.
Me: No, no.  Thank you, but you got it first.
L: You have a family.  Take it.
M: No really, it's fine.  Finders keepers! Thanks anyway.
L: Please. Take the meat!
M: I can't take your meat.
L: I don't even want it!  I'm putting it back.
She puts it back and walks away. I stand there looking at it and finally put it in my cart.  Then I chase her down and invite her to come over for tacos.  After all, it's a big package of ground beef.  She refuses, and I feel like a jerk.

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