Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Begging for shoes

I don't buy new shoes for kids whose feet are growing, or for kids who leave their shoes out in the rain, at friends' houses, etc.  So I bought a used pair for Noah from someone online for $2, and we agreed to meet at Casey's in Pekin to make the exchange last night.

It was dark and raining at the time we were to meet.  Casey's has a pretty big parking lot, and there were lots of vehicles there.  I ruled out the ones pumping gas and looked for a car off by itself.  There was one in the corner, so I pulled up next to it, but nobody was in it.  Then a car pulled in and parked way over in another corner away from everyone else.  Ah.  This must be the shoe lady.

My first clue should have been that it wasn't a lady at all, but a middle aged man.  I reasoned that she must have sent someone else to make the exchange for her, since he rolled down his window as I approached his car.  He looked expectant and said hello but didn't produce any shoes.  I said, "Do you have shoes?"  He looked baffled, glanced at his feet and said, "Yeeesss. Why?"

Awkward social moment.  There I am, standing in the rain outside a stranger's car at a gas station in the dark, and he thinks I want his shoes.  I said, "I mean, are you here to meet someone for shoes?"  He said, "No...?" and I mumbled, "Oh.  Sorry, never mind."

I went back to my car, drove to the opposite conspicuous corner of the lot, parked for a minute, and then a lady pulled up next to me.  She stuck the shoes out the window, I stuffed a couple bucks into her hand, and was back on the road in two seconds.

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