Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lesson at the gas station

Things had been piling up on me, and I was on the verge of having a bad attitude.  One of my tires was almost flat, so I had to make an unplanned stop at a gas station to get air.  There were several vehicles parked around the air machine, but nobody was using it.  The car directly in front of it was backing out as I pulled in, so I was grateful to be able to pull right in and fill my tire.  Then I took the opportunity to top off the other three tires too.  It was wicked cold out there, and I was fumbling with my gloves and the whole affair ended up taking quite a while.

As I was hanging up the hose, a guy got out of the one of the vehicles that had been there before me, and I suddenly realized that he had been waiting for the air and that I had cut in front of him.  I felt bad as I said, "Oh...did I cut in front of you?  I'm really sorry."  This guy actually smiled and said, "You're ok.  It was nice and warm in my truck."  If he had given me the dirty look and rude comments I deserved, it would have pushed me over the precipice into a full-blown bad attitude.  Instead, his kindness and grace stopped me short and turned me around.  I know for sure what my own reaction would have been if the situation had been reversed, and I would not have been as gracious.  I would have been selfish, impatient, angry, entitled.  It was a good reminder that I need to be more like that guy, who did what Jesus would have done.

I just read this to the kids, and Sarah said, "What would Jesus be doing in a truck?  He flies a plane."   ?????


jim smith said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog I just skimmed about 4 years worth. Thanks for sharing its great. God bless

Janes Family said...

Thank you so much!

jim smith said...

I saw your comments on the comments I left, but I can’t say how I found your blog. I know I was google searching on the Clovis technology for the ongoing debate creation vs evolution. Somehow going from sight to sight at some point your blog came up in google.

I enjoyed reading your blog because it was real and I thought your relationship with your kids to be special. All those little observation you make and the little things you do for them like fixing Sara’s bike let them know they are the most important thing in your lives. No need to worry about the things you hope they forget.

Ours are all grown now I’m enjoying the empty nest syndrome but they always show up at Christmas. We Raised our own plus three other girls through various stages of their lives they were brought into our lives. The first was just after we were married my wife’s (Shannon) twelve year sister Alicia came to live with us. She had gotten into some trouble so I stepped in to keep her out of the juvenile justice system. She lived with us about three years during that time it I took over providing security structure and discipline, turning her life around she seemed relieved that somebody took control. Unfortunately when she left and went home her life reverted back.

The next Girl to live with us was Sharron she was a friend’s daughter who lived with us from time to time and she came to stay at age eleven when her parents were killed in a car accident. Sharon was placed with us through the foster system and stayed till she was eighteen got married had her own family.
Heidi is our niece who is the same age as our own daughter Christine and she lived with us on and off all through her childhood. We provided our home to her when her parents had no place to go. When her parents broke up when she stayed from age eleven to eighteen.

We adopted one other girl she is at college right now.
I believe Gods purpose in bringing all those girls into my life was to show me girls are people too. When I was a kid my mom preferred girls although she had mostly boys. I in turn resented that and during my early adult life resented women making all women in my life feel inferior. I was going to make them pay for the acceptance I didn’t feel. When I got married got off drugs and alcohol and through it all I developed empathy for the girls. These girls were all brought into my life damaged and hurting with no self-esteem.

Anyway I enjoyed your blog I like your approach to parenting your children are blessed to have you.
Wish I could tell you how I found it.