Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Finding good things

In our poetry class this morning, one of the assignments was to say two good things about each of these people:  your mother, your father, your pastor, and someone you dislike.

Immediately before this assignment, I had disciplined Sarah for her attitude, so she could come up with nothing for the first one, but she was full of glowing praise for her father.  She said, "Dad is a diligent worker, he's nice, he's good-natured and capable and just an all around good person.  I like him because when we go to Kroger he lets me get what I want and doesn't check the prices."  This last part was delivered with a glare in my direction.

My valiant Noah immediately stuck up for me. He said, "Yes, but Mom is good at finding bargains so she makes a good balance to Dad.  She's a good cook and she cares about animals.  Say something good about Mom, Sarah."  Sarah just harrumphed and said, "I've moved on to the pastor." 

When it came time to say something good about someone they don't like, Sarah said, "Well...I guess she tries to be nice."  No doubt in my mind who she was talking about.  Noah tried to be secretive about his person he dislikes by disguising the gender.  He said, "This person is generous.  This person is creative."  Sarah wasn't fooled.  She said, "I know it's me!" 

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Jenjo11 said...

That sounds like a rough day for everyone involved; except for Mike, of course.