Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My awesome grandma

Too sick to even read or watch tv this afternoon, I was just staring out the window, watching the snowflakes fly.  Suddenly I remembered a story about my grandma.  I guess I'm biased, but I've always thought she was perfect.

I remembered a day when I was sick as a little girl, and there was a big snowstorm.  I couldn't go out and play. I just stared out my bedroom window at all the snow.  My grandma, who lived next door, built a snowman right outside my window and put a sign in its branchy arms that said   "get well soon!".

Sarah was in bed next to me when I thought of it, so I told her. Then I said that when she grew up and had my grandkids, I hoped they'd never get sick, but if they do, I hope I can build a snowman for them outside their windows.

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