Monday, July 14, 2014


Last week I took care of a friend's baby for the day.  It has been ten years since I've had a baby, and I forgot how much work it is.  How can one tiny little person drain so much energy and cause so much chaos?  My kids enjoyed having him around, and they were both surprisingly helpful.  The neighbor girls, as soon as they learned there was a baby in our house, moved in and helped some too.  I had about 8 kids here all day.  Some of the comments I heard throughout the day:

He looks like a bobblehead.
I'm going to call him Chris.
I think he looks like a Tony.
Don't hog him; you have your own baby brother at home!
Did I act like this when I was a baby?
This is a three-person job.  One to prep the next room, one to carry the baby, and one to bring all his stuff.
His head feels like a peach.
It's my turn to read him a story!
His head is kind of lumpy.

I had this confusing conversation with one of the neighbor girls that I hadn't met before:

M: Do you have any siblings?
NG: Um...yes, I have a cousin.
M: Do you have any brothers and sisters?
NG:  No. I have a sister though.

Then this frustrating exchange with Sarah:

S: I want to change his diaper all by myself.
M: You don't know how to change a diaper.
S: Yes I do.
M: How do you know that?
S: I've changed lots of diapers.
M: Whose diaper have you ever changed?
S: I forget....Oh, I know!  I changed my own!

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