Saturday, July 19, 2014


Noah and his friend Caleb like survival shows like "Man Vs. Wild" and "Survivorman".  They've been dreaming about having their own wilderness survival adventure.  They did it yesterday.  They survived in the woods for 24 hours.  They ate a squirrel (shot by Caleb's brother) and crickets roasted over a fire.  Caleb's mom insisted that they take bottled water, jerky, and blueberries.  Noah also took his cool survival knife.
 dirty face from eating squirrel

They started building a cool shelter but didn't have time to get it finished. I asked Noah where they slept, and he said, "We didn't sleep. We sat by the fire."
This is all that remains of the squirrel.

 He burned a hole in his sock while drying it over coals.

Mandatory tick check when we got home.

 We picked him up from the woods and took him straight to a pool party.

He played with his friend all afternoon, and made it till 6:45.  A very rare picture of Noah sleeping!  I hope he can make it all night and that this isn't just a power nap.  He and Caleb had a blast and can't wait to do it again!

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