Monday, May 18, 2015

First day of therapy

I took the kids on a field trip today to my therapy appointment.  They learned about filling out forms and dealing with people.  For spelling and vocabulary, they learned the definition of "dynamometer" and "goniometer".  They also learned the difference between physical and occupational therapy.  I planted a seed that one or both of them might want to become a therapist someday.  My therapist sent them on errands throughout the office to get weights and other torture devices to use on me.  She was good with them and let them see who was the strongest (my left hand was the winner, by the way.  The dynamometer measured its grip strength at 45 pounds.  Noah's right hand was 35, and Sarah's 34. They both later claimed that they didn't try their hardest.  My right hand did a whopping 5).   

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