Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Monopolized. Again.

Breakfast was over. Devotions and reading done. We were about to start math when Sarah asked if we could play just one little game of Monopoly. By this point in my career, I should realize that there is no such thing as a "quick", "short", or "little" game of Monopoly.  I wanted to say no, but somehow what came out of my mouth was yes. 

Three hours later, I said, "Whoever is winning at 1:30 shall be declared the winner."  Sarah  played a smarter game than usual and hung in there a long time. Noah was playing his usual super-high-risk game, and I thought surely I would win. 

By this point in my career, I should realize this fact: Noah ALWAYS wins at Monopoly. But I started a little confident trash talking when things were rolling my way.  Sarah, who recognizes the aforementioned fact, cautioned me: "Don't break out the eggnog just yet, Mom."  

Noah landed on my railroad and was $10 short on what he owed me.  He gave me all his money and said, "I'll ride in the coal car."  Later, after the tide had turned, I landed on his hotel and couldn't quite pay all I owed.  I gave him all my money and said, "I'll stay in the room right next to the elevator." 

In the end, he owned absolutely everything and was filthy rich.  How does he always win?!


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