Monday, December 21, 2015

They do care

Last night we were all downstairs, and Noah and I were having a balance challenge to see who could stay on the fitness ball the longest. We've done this many, many times without incident, but this time I fell off my ball backwards and crashed my head on the basement floor.  Very painful. That's the bad part.

The good part is that all three of them rushed right over (having heard the thud of my skull on the concrete) and helped me up the stairs and put me in bed.  Noah brought me an ice pack and offered me food and water and aspirin.  Sarah brought me her Ramona Quimby book in case I wanted to read.  She also brought her white board in, and she wrote my pertinent information on it.

I didn't realize they were paying that close attention when we visited my dad in the hospital last month, but they must have been, because they remembered a lot of details from the board in his room.  The drawings on the right are to tell if I wear glasses, hearing aid, or false teeth.  On my dad's board, it said his name was Richard, but in the important information section, it said "call me Dick".  Every person that came in the room ignored his board and called him Richard.  Sarah wrote that my name is Mommy, Noah wrote "Call me Mom" in the important info.  Then he drew a stick figure saying, "Hi, Mommy!"

I know they love me, but it's sometimes a little less obvious in the teen years, so it was nice to see their concern. 

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