Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Amish vegan

I like the idea of being vegan, but I don't see it ever happening.  I wouldn't miss the meat so much, but I would definitely miss my favorite food group: dairy.  Plus, vegans are a little too radical for me.  For instance, I read that they don't eat honey because they don't want to violate the bees' rights to keep what they produce.  That's a bit over the top for me.  Being a vegan is in the same category for me as being Amish.  I always liked the idea of being Amish, but when the rubber meets the road, I don't think I could actually do it.  I do like having electricity.  Still, I admire both vegans and the Amish. 

Anyway, I'm not above the occasional vegan meal.  Today I made a vegan vegetable wrap for lunch.  I started with a bean/avocado spread that I made by whirring up these ingredients in my food processor:
 I know it's cheaper and better to buy dry beans and cook them yourself.  I have done it, but it's just so much easier to buy the can.  It's worth the 79 cents I paid for it in the time and effort it saved me.  Real vegans are glaring at me for ruining the environment by buying a can.  (I recycled it!)
 Usually I use fresh salsa, but these cans were on sale at Aldi for 39 cents, so I used it instead this time. 
 I also added some fresh cilantro, because I have it.  It turned out to be too cilantro-y so I would definitely use less next time.
 I also added some key lime juice, because I got these little babies on clearance and need to use them before they rot.
Into the food processor with those went an avocado, several cloves of roasted garlic (fresh garlic would be fine too), lots of cumin (because I love cumin), salt, and pepper.

 It looks disgusting, but it's tasty and healthy.
 I spread some of the mixture on a whole wheat tortilla and added some green onion, red pepper, and shredded cabbage & carrots (slaw mix was on sale, so I went the easy route). I bought a cucumber last night to put in my wrap, but I couldn't find it today and didn't remember bringing it in the house last night.  I think it's still rolling around in the trunk of Mike's car, which is with him at work right now. :(

That was a good meal. Took a long time to prepare, and I followed it up with a caramel candy bar and some cookie dough.  I also ate it with the lights on, so I'm not a good vegan or a good Amishwoman.

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