Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sexist Uncle Noah

Yesterday Noah told me that he wasn't going to get married because it was too much of a commitment and a chore.  He said, "For example...I like petting Marty [his favorite cat], but if you made me sign a piece of paper that committed me to petting her every day for a certain amount of time, then it becomes just another job I have to do every day.  It's no longer a joy." 

Today, after playing a new game on his Xbox, he said, "When I show my kids this game, they'll think it's so boring and old fashioned.  They'll have some new virtual reality game that they can step right into and won't believe it when I tell them I used to play this every day." 

I said, "How are you going to have these kids?"
Remembering yesterday's conversation, he backtracked and said, "Well, not MY kids.  My nephews."
Me: What about your nieces?
Noah: No way.  They're not touching my Xbox.
Me: That's sexist.  Girls like video games too.
Noah: Ok...I guess they can watch.
Sarah: I'm not letting my kids anywhere near their sexist Uncle Noah!

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