Friday, February 17, 2017

Conversation with my teenager

I went outside on this beautiful morning while both kids were still sleeping. When I came back inside, Noah was on the couch.

N (mumbling sleepily): I couldn't find you. I didn't know where you were.
M: I was outside making nesting boxes for ducks. Were you worried?
N: No. I looked all over the house and called for you, but then I just lay down on the couch and fell asleep.
M: What if I had a head wound and needed you to call 911?
N: How would you get a head wound making duck boxes?
M: Maybe I fell down and hit my head on a brick!

A few minutes later I was in the kitchen.

M: I'm making vegan Mexican lasagna.  Do you want to learn how to make it?
N: Why would I ever need to learn how to make it?
M: What if I get a head wound?
N: Then the last thing on my mind would be making vegan Mexican lasagna.
M: Aw. You'd be too distraught to eat.
N: No, I'd be ordering pizza.

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