Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sarah's going to school

It has been decided that Sarah will be allowed to go to public school this year.  She thrives on the social interaction and independence that she gets when she's away from home.  She proved that by working at Camp Good News this summer.  I think she will do great at school.

She's been ridiculously excited about going shopping for school supplies and locker decorations.  Today a new restaurant in Peoria was offering free lunch, so we went there to fuel up for the shopping trip.
 My lunch bowl at Core Eatery. 
 Look how excited she is.
 Back in my day, we didn't decorate our lockers (or at least I didn't).  It was just a utilitarian thing that held my supplies.  Now there are $15 DISCO BALLS for your locker!  Absurd. 
 There's her disappointed face when I told her I was only paying for supplies that are necessary, which does not include things like disco balls, magnetic wallpaper, shelves, locker rugs (!), and color coordinating magnets.  She put back several items at that point, but she spent $20 of her own money on magnetic wallpaper, magnets, and a couple other frivolities.  I did buy her a pair of gym shoes and promised her that I would make sure she has all the actual supplies needed before school starts, but I'm not just paying whatever Target is charging.  I have to research the back-to-school sales and get the best deals.  She told me I was taking all the fun out of it.
 Spiderman watched her do a handstand at Target.
 Then we came home to do our regular schoolwork.  Noah is taking a biology class, and he had an experiment today that involved studying bacteria under a microscope.  He had gathered specimens from a lake several days ago, and then fed the bacteria things like egg yolk, hay, rice, and soil.  He stored them in the
 hot humid garage.  When he opened those containers today, the smell almost made us sick.  It was truly disgusting what was growing in there.

 Even Shiloh covered her nose,
but she still wanted to get her paws on that bacteria-water!

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