Friday, July 6, 2012

Swimsuit shopping

I've recently realized that both of Sarah's swimsuits have saggy baggy elephant syndrome.  I usually shop garage sales or thrift shops for clothes, but I'm very picky about swimsuits, so I don't mind buying them new.  So yesterday I took my girl shopping, and in the middle of the dressing room, I realized it's the first time I've ever taken her shopping.  It was actually kind of fun, because she was so excited, and of course everything looks great on her.  I was hanging up the rejects and making trips out to get different sizes, and I remembered my mom doing that for me many times while I tried on clothes.  She bought me way more new clothes than I buy for my deprived girl.  By the time we made a couple other stops, we ended up being gone for over two hours, so we didn't have much time for school. But the whole trip was an education.  Here's what I hope my students learned:

1.  Swimsuits go on sale after July 4.  (We bought two suits for less than $15 total).
2. It is possible to find relatively modest swimwear at Kmart. (I was proud of Sarah, because she breezed right past the 2-piece ones, saying, "I know I can't get bikinis").
3.  If you're patient while your sister is trying on swimsuit after swimsuit, Mom might reward you with an Icee.  (I was proud of Noah, because he didn't complain at all through the whole process, so I made an impulse buy on the way out and spent 99 cents on an Icee.  He was generous to share with me and Sarah too.  In all my 40 years of passing Icee machines, I've never had one before.  It was good!)

She's been wearing one of her new swimsuits ever since we bought it.  She even slept in it!

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