Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lincoln Museum

 The Lincoln Museum in Springfield had a special deal today where the whole family could get in for ten bucks!  That's Noah in front of it.

The Lincoln Family: Abe, Mary, Robert, Willie, Tad, Mike, Noah, and Sarah.  That's John Wilkes Booth sitting on Sarah's right shoulder like a little devil.

Outside Abe's tiny log cabin, which was very interesting, but they don't allow pictures inside.

 Sarah bragging about how she's taller than Willie Lincoln. (She made that braid herself, by the way.)

 Pioneer woman sweeping the dirt floor of her cabin,

 and cooking soup.

 You can't visit the Lincoln Museum without building a cabin out of Lincoln Logs.

We all enjoyed our visit.  They don't allow pictures to be taken in most of the museum.  The best parts were the two movies they showed. 

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