Friday, January 11, 2013

Yuck Run

It was supposed to be nice and warm today, AND my puker kid hurled on the rug last night, so I decided it would be an ideal day for a yuck run. 
 First, I gathered my supplies: bleach, soap, and all the quarters I could find.

 Then I loaded up the van with the yuckiest things that needed cleaning.

 The kitchen garbage can lid is always gross.

 A child emptied the pencil sharpener into the garbage can before checking to make sure it had a bag in it.

 The litter box. Always disgusting.

Then I drove to the car wash, laid everything out, and started feeding quarters into the machine.  
I blasted everything and even washed the van, all for about five bucks (I lost track of exactly how many quarters I put in).  I got completely drenched in the process, and my hands were red and raw all the way home. 
I hung the rugs outside to dry when I got home, and then I took a long, hot shower.  All is clean, for the moment!

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