Tuesday, February 25, 2014

White as snow

I'm starting a ministry.  I'm not so good with people, but I can make laundry detergent, so the ministry is giving homemade laundry detergent to the guests of my church's food pantry.

In our house right now, we have 10 boxes of washing soda, 7 boxes of borax, and 8 big bottles of Dawn.

This Saturday, my family and I (and hopefully others!) are hoping to make 200 gallons of detergent at the church.  I thought I should make a trial batch before that to make sure I can do it and it works. The kids and I made this gallon.  It turned out well.

We camped out in front of the washing machine to watch the inaugural load.  Noah made popcorn and brought pillows for him and Sarah to sit on while they watched the show.  I told Noah that it reminded me of how he used to press his face up against the washing machine when I was washing his security item.  He would snatch it out as soon as it would done and couldn't even wait for it to dry.  When I told him that, he said, "Hey, that's how we should be waiting for Jesus to come back, eager and watching!"  It's one of the many times that the Holy Spirit has spoken to me through Noah.  Then he started a play-by-play of the laundry.  He was yelling things like, "Now the jeans are pushing to the front, but wait...the penguin pants just fell on top of them and now Dad's underwear is in the lead!  My dress shirt is overtaking a sock....but here comes a flash of pink...it's Sarah's coat!"  He only dresses up for funerals and weddings, so I asked, "What dress shirt?"  He said, "The one I wore to Grandma Opal's funeral."  I said, "Grandma Opal's funeral was two months ago.  Why is your dress shirt just now getting washed?"  He explained that he was moving some clothes in his closet and noticed the dress shirt and (for some reason that I don't comprehend) decided it was dirty, took it off the hanger, and threw it in the hamper.   His running commentary kept me laughing through the whole cycle, and the clothes came out clean and smelling fresh.    

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