Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Room cleaning and mercy taxing

Sarah wants new bedding for her birthday.  Aunt Kathy issued her a challenge: if she can get her horrible pit of a room clean and organized and maintain it for 2 months, she will buy her new bedding.  As soon as I told Sarah about it, she disappeared into her room with a garbage bag.
This is the fifth garbage bag of junk she has extracted from her room. Noah asked me what she was doing and I told him she was cleaning her room.  He said, "Why?"  I told him about Aunt Kathy's challenge, and he said (rather nervously, as he's a serious hoarder), "I like my bedding..."

Later we were talking about something else, and he quoted me the Bible verse about God's mercies being new every morning.  Then he said, "Good thing we don't have Mike Huckabee's fair tax.  We would have to pay taxes on God's mercies!"