Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cat fight

When Marty sleeps in the bay window, she always sleeps in the small blue bed, never the big leopard print one.  She was sleeping in there this morning but got up to run some cat errands, and while she was gone, Shiloh jumped up there, discovered a preheated bed, and curled up in it.  When Marty returned, she was surprised and displeased to find "her" bed occupied.
 Marty gave me the look of long-suffering and said, "Really, Mom?  Are you going to allow this?"  I told her there are plenty of beds in the bay for everyone and she has to learn to share.
 She didn't like that answer, so she started a glaring campaign against Shiloh.

 Shiloh didn't like being glared at in such close proximity.
She expressed her displeasure.

Meek little Shiloh stood her ground, and Marty ended up (after lots of encouragement from me) settling in the other bed. 

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