Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brush with celebrity

We were driving in Bloomington today, and I saw a black vehicle with "Illinois Congress" on it and the number 18.  It was in the oncoming lane, but traffic was slow enough that I had plenty of opportunity to gape and see who was in it.  Aaron Schock was in the passenger seat, looking down like he was working.  Of course I pulled over and made a U-turn so I could chase him down. The kids wondered what I was doing, so I told them we were going to follow Congressman Schock.  Noah slid down in the backseat and said, "No, Mom! Please!  Don't make me meet him and say 'nice to meet you.'"  I told him he didn't have to meet him.  Sarah perked up and said, "I'll meet him! Who is he?"  Noah said, "No, Sarah. It's a Congressman.  He works in Washington, D.C., like the President!  He doesn't care about Strawberry Shortcake and 2Blanken or whatever other silly stuff you'd say to him!" 

I followed him into the Biaggi's parking lot, and pulled in right behind his car, as his lackey let him off at the door.  He hopped out, poking at his phone the whole time and looking way too busy to meet a housewife and a little girl.  He paused to hold the door open for the regular people who were coming out, and I thought that might be my chance, but Noah (on the floor by now) hissed, "Mom! No!  If you get out of this car, I'm going to die!  Let's just go home!" so we did. The Congressman got to eat his lunch in peace, and Noah is still alive. 


Jamie Schroderus said...

I have had the pleasure of shaking his hand... did not have the gumption to ask to see his abs and since we were at work (the AgLab) would proably have gotten it A LOT of trouble. LOL

Anonymous said...

...just curious. "IF" you had talked to him, what would you have said?

I met him at Starbucks in Peo several years back. I'm sure his life was simple back then. He drove himself. We had a pleasant exchange of small talk. At the time I didn't have any major questions - today, I'd have lots to ask, but feel I'd just get the typical political answers...so probably wouldn't ask. In any case, he is cute.

~ j

Janes Family said...

I'm not sure. Probably something dumb. Maybe "I always vote for you and hope you'll be President someday."
Yes, he is darn cute!