Saturday, April 28, 2012

Butterflies and the big game

Noah was so nervous before his baseball game last night that he couldn't eat before we left.  Just talking about food made him gag.  He said, "That's just the butterflies trying to get out."  After he got his first hit, he was able to wolf down a corn dog from the concession stand. 

Before the game, Sarah was watching him get ready.  He was assembling his male protection items, and Sarah asked, "Is that cone uncomfortable to wear?"
N: It's a cup, Sarah.  Not a cone.  You don't put ice cream in it.
S: You can eat ice cream out of a cup. You know, I can run really fast.  I'm not bragging, I'm just saying.
N: Saying IS bragging.

Speaking of bragging...guess who scored the winning run in extra innings?

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