Monday, April 9, 2012

Carnivore conversation

All I have leftover from Easter is mashed potatoes, so we stopped at Kroger to get some ham to have with it for dinner tonight.  Noah asked how I was going to cook it in time, and I said, "This isn't like the good ham we had at Grandma and Grandpa's yesterday.  It's already cooked.  You just reheat it or eat it cold."
S: I want mine hot.  I don't like raw meat.
[pause, while I'm considering whether it's worth the discussion or not.  I'm already very tired, having been with them all day at Wildlife Prairie Park, so I let it go.  Noah, however, can't let it go.]

N: It's not raw, Sarah.  Mom just said it's precooked.
S: Well, I don't know what that means, so I'm having mine cooked!
N: We're all having ours cooked, because the whole thing is cooked already!  It's kind of like....leftovers, only nobody's ever eaten them.  Can you wrap your brain around that?
S: Nope.
N: It's like this.  Somebody cooked it but then didn't eat it, so they wrapped it up still fresh and we bought it.
S: Why didn't they eat it if they went to the bother of cooking it?
N: Because they weren't planning to eat it.  Just sell it.
S: How did they cook it?
N: They killed a pig.
S:  And then?
N:  And then they cooked it into a ham and packaged it up.
S: And then?
N: And then they put it on a big truck and sent it to Kroger, where we bought it.
S: And then?
N: And then tonight we're going to eat it.
S: And then?
N: Well, then tomorrow we'll probably poop it out.
S: And then?
N: It will get flushed into the sewer system.
S: And then?
N: I guess it will end up in the ocean.
S: And then?
N: Maybe a shark will eat it.

By this time, we were home, so I didn't get to hear the rest of the story.

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D. said...

Oh, Janel. Dan and I had the best laugh over this. Sounds like my kids! Thanks for sharing.