Thursday, April 4, 2013

Raccoon and Goat

Having kittens is SO much fun!  (They'll be kittens for about another month when they turn one year old).  Have I mentioned that Shadow is a goat?  He eats anything and everything.  Shiloh is our raccoon.  Above, she is foraging in the pantry for her favorite toy, a Hershey's kiss.
 She'll find them wherever they are and pull one out.  She has no interest in eating it, just playing with it.  She challenges herself by hiding the prey behind the apple juice, in the bag of potatoes, between cereal boxes, etc.
 After she's played in the pantry for a long time, she picks the prey up and carries it all over the house.  She runs up and down the stairs with it, throws it, retrieves it, sits on it,
 and rolls around with it.  The game always ends the same way...

She drops it in her water bowl, like a raccoon.

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