Monday, March 31, 2014

Whispers in the Meadow

Sarah was looking out the window, watching birds and squirrels.  She said, "I like spring.  All the animals are twitterpated."  She kept up a running commentary about who was chasing whom, and what they were all doing.  She said, "Oh, a beautiful male cardinal just flew in!"  I asked if he was with his woman and if they were twitterpated.  She said,"Of course she's with him, but she doesn't seem as twitterpated as he does.  She's marching away from him." 

Later she announced that she was going to write a poem called "Whispers in the Meadow", which she proceeded to do in about five seconds.  Here it is:

Whispers in the meadow
like dandelions
soft and yellow
like butter mellow.
As spring flitters by
like a butterfly
whisper in the meadow.