Saturday, March 8, 2014

Whiter than snow

This is the continuation of this post.  Having made a trial gallon of laundry detergent and proving that it works, I was ready to mass produce. 

 Some friends and I gathered in the church kitchen and set up an assembly line.  We added dry ingredients, and hot water, shook till dissolved, added cold water, Dawn, and more cold water.

Then I passed them off to my handsome assistant, who shook, dried,

 and wrote "soap" on them so nobody would mistake them for a beverage.

Noah hauled them on pallets,

and Sarah and friends stuck labels on them.
It took us all afternoon last Saturday, and we made 146 gallons.  So this morning, Mike and Noah worked in the warehouse at the food pantry,
while Sarah and I gave away the detergent, along with the recipe, and explained how people can make their own for about 50 cents a gallon.  I was surprised at how excited and happy people were to get laundry detergent.  One lady said she was wearing her pajamas because she didn't have any clean clothes, because she had run out of laundry soap.  Last Sunday during church, the Lord showed me a more efficient system for mass producing it, so I'm excited to try that next time. 

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