Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Don't ask, don't tell

The rule around here is: If you're the first one to see cat puke/poop, you clean it up.  This morning I rolled out of bed and walked down the hall, and I saw a big (really big) pile of cat puke right in the middle of the hall.  It looked warm and moist and disgusting.  I stopped and looked at it...and walked around it and pretended I didn't see it.  I admit it was immature. I usually do clean it up if I'm the first to see it.  I just didn't this morning.  I figured Mike had seen it and done the same thing. 

Later I heard Noah make a stifled grunting noise, followed by the bathtub water running. I looked at the puke pile, and it was now squashed into the rug.  Noah returned, hugging the wall as he walked down the hall, and was careful not to make eye contact with the puke.

I sent Sarah to get the laundry and heard a quiet "Ew...." followed by the water running in the bathtub.  I was careful to step around the pile every time I went down the hall, but I heard a child running bath water no less than FOUR times during the day.  It's been almost ten hours since I first spotted it, and Mike will be coming home soon, so I manned up and cleaned it. 

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