Friday, June 27, 2014

We missed her.

It's Sarah's first day home from camp.  Mike said, "I missed you."  Sarah retorted, "I bet you did!  I do a lot of work around here."  Mike said, "Yes, you do, but that's not what I missed."  That's all that was said about it at the time, but about half an hour later, Mike came into the kitchen where Sarah was dancing around and singing, and he said, "THAT is what I missed."  Later we were sitting at a picnic table at Dairy Queen, eating ice cream.  Noah had fallen on the sidewalk, and his elbow was bleeding.  When Sarah noticed it, she pressed her napkin against his elbow to stop the bleeding.  I was watching her take care of him and seeing him smile at her, and I thought, "THIS is what I missed."

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