Friday, December 19, 2014

Quotes heard around the house today

N (to me): Why are you looking at me like a mother hawk?

N: I'm going to do everything with my knees together all day.

S (to me): Waitress!  There's a hair in my waffle!
M: I'm sorry.  You can have your entire breakfast for free.

And from a few days ago:
N: I love you, Mom, even though you're difficult to work with sometimes.

I told Sarah to clean up all the clothes on her closet floor and she responded that she put them there on purpose because Marty sleeps there. That didn't fly with me. Then she said, "You're not only being mean to me, you're being mean to Marty!"

I asked Noah to please be more mature, and his response was, "Hey! I just realized 'mature' is only one letter off from 'manure'!"

And one final one from Sarah:  THINK fabulous, and you'll BE fabulous!

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