Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 interviews/multiple good day

Sarah and I went to the grocery store and had this conversation on the way home:

S:  I get to make cupcakes!  It's a good day!
M: And the cupcake liners were on clearance.  It's a double good day.
S:  I'm going to make peppermint frosting!  It's a triple good day!
M:  And we got a great parking spot!  It's a quadruple good day.
S: We're also going to make pretzel turtles!  It's a....what's it called?  Oh yeah!  A quintuple good day!
M: And the price of gas is under two dollars per gallon!  It's a sextuple good day.

S:  I got a new folder!  It's a...what's 7?
M: Septuple?
S: It's a septuple good day!
M: And it was only five cents on clearance!  Octuple good day.
S: What's 9?
M: I don't know.  Let's just say it's a multiple good day.

I did an end of the year interview with each kid.  Sarah's was almost nine minutes long, and Noah's was barely six, and I had to prompt him with additional questions.  For example:
M: What's your favorite holiday?
N: Christmas.
M: What do you like about Christmas? 
M: What's your favorite holiday?
S:  My absolute favorite holiday is Christmas!  Oh my gosh, I love Christmas!  I get presents, and there's so much good food...and the ham!  I love ham.  I don't like turkey as much, because it gets kind of dry, so that's why I don't like Thanksgiving as much as Christmas.  I just love Christmas!

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