Saturday, August 13, 2016

Busy Saturday

 Started with a Kuk Sool class. Then we dropped Noah off at Dragonland for a fun day with Grandpa and Grandma and Cousin Ben.
 Next we took Sarah out for lunch at Ginger.  We love Asian food.
 Next stop: Forest Park Nature Center.  Sarah is doing her impression of a barn owl.
 We went on a tree identification hike.  Sarah looks scared of the naturalist, but she was actually just bored.  The naturalist wasn't a wacko either, even though she kind of looks like it in the picture.

 Last stop: the mall.  Mike's favorite place in the mall is the bed area.
 Sarah's favorites are Justice, Claire's, and the bungee trampoline.
Mike didn't actually get anything pierced, but he was sitting in the piercing chair at Claire's waiting for Sarah so I took his picture.
 Sarah bought a hat at Claire's.
 The only other thing she bought was a smoothie.
I was going to get my wedding ring cleaned at Kay's, and the jewelry store woman couldn't find a record of my original purchase from 20 years ago. I told her I had the paperwork at home, but when we got home I searched through my files and couldn't find it. Is it possible that I was young and stupid enough to throw it away? I found a receipt for screws I bought at Menards for $3.95 16 years ago, but no wedding ring. The woman was trying to get me to upgrade. She said, "Everybody wants bigger and better!" Not me. I just want cleaner. I like my ring.

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