Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The shoes and the skunk

We were driving on the interstate today, and I saw a shoe on the side of the road.  I said to Noah, my passenger, "Why is there always just one abandoned shoe?  Never a pair."  Just then I saw the matching shoe on the other side of the road, several feet away from the first one.  Just past the other shoe was a dead skunk.  I said, "Oh look, there's the other shoe!  And a do you suppose he fits into the story?"  Then I rattled off a story about someone driving along, spotting a skunk, throwing a shoe at it, missing, throwing the other shoe, and hitting the skunk.  I asked Noah if he had a story.  He said, "There was a family driving on this road, and the kids were fighting in the back seat.  The mom reached around and grabbed one of the kid's shoes and threw it out the window.  They kept fighting, so she grabbed their other shoe and flung it out too.  The dad was driving, and he was so distracted by all the fighting and shoe throwing that he veered off the road and hit the skunk."

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