Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mobile vet

 Shadow and Shiloh are due for the 3-year rabies shot.  The last time they went to the vet was 3 years ago, and they hated it.  They hated being stuffed into the pet carrier, they hated riding in the car, they hated the dogs in the waiting room, and they hated the cold hard steel examination table.  I heard about a mobile vet that will come to your house, and it's only $25 more than the regular vet, so I decided it would be worth it.  Shiloh is terrified of strangers and always runs for cover under the bed, so I blocked off access to her hiding spot.
 The very cool vetmobile. 
 Dr. Campbell was wonderful.  I really liked both her and her assistant, Jill.  They loved and appreciate my cats, and we got to hold them during the examination and shots.
They even went downstairs just to meet our chinchillas. The whole experience was well worth every extra penny we paid. 

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