Monday, November 28, 2016

Decking the halls

Decorating for Christmas was fun this year.  The kids are different every year.  You just never know what they're going to do!  This year they stood several feet away from the tree and flung ornaments at it, and wherever they landed, that's where they stayed, with the exception of a few special ornaments that were carefully placed.
 This year they assembled the trunk of the tree.
 Shadow is always very interested in the decorating.  He was the first one to appear.
 Sarah set up the nativity scene.  Noah came around later and took Jesus out of the manger and put a goat in there.  Mike accused him of desecration, but he said, "No, it's actually consecration, because Jesus is the GOAT--Greatest Of All Time!"
 Shadow looks forward to chewing the branches every year.  He's the true goat.
Sarah putting the star on top.
 You didn't know there was a giant black cat present at the birth of the Savior, did you?
 Noah put up our cross and plugged it in on the porch.
 Shadow was overjoyed to see his mitten.  He actually pulled it out the box of ornaments and started rubbing his face on it. 
 Shadow overseeing the installation of the branches.
 Marty's turn on the mitten.

 While Noah was focused on his phone, Sarah took the opportunity to decorate his antlers.

 He's always excited to see his broken backhoe bucket and fire engine ladder.  This many-year-old tradition has interesting beginnings. If you don't know the story, ask me.

 When Noah got his black belt in Kuk Sool Won in June, I bought him an ornament with his name and date on it.  This is the first time he's hung it on the tree.
 In the tradition of hanging strange things on the tree, a register vent appeared on it.
 Shiloh was too terrified to come out for most of the decorating, but curiosity finally won.

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Nerma Frieden said...

Love the pics. Especially strange thing on the tree and cats' fascination with the mitten. :)