Friday, November 4, 2016

My funny boy

The kid made me laugh twice today.  First, I found this lone white hair on his head.
I told him he had a white hair, and he immediately replied, "That's probably from Wednesday night." That was the night of game 7 of the World Series, which went into extra innings and had a rain delay before the Cubs finally won their first World Series championship since 1908. Mike almost had a heart attack, and apparently Noah sprouted a gray hair.

Later I found an open bag of chips on the kitchen table.  I had seen Noah eating them earlier, so I told him to close them and put them away.  He said he couldn't find a rubber band or a clip to hold the bag together.  I said, "That's no excuse. Figure something out."  I left the scene, confident that he would deal with it.  The next time I went past the kitchen, I noticed the bag was no longer on the table and smiled to myself.  But then I saw this:

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