Friday, April 14, 2017

Biscuits, anyone?

Apparently I let my students get too comfortable during reading time.  Especially since one of them doesn't function very well in the morning and would sleep till noon if I let him. This is the same child who got a sticker on his chart when he was two years old, for not waking Mommy up until the first number on his digital clock was a six.  But I digress.

I was reading, and they were supposed to be listening.  Noah was stretched out on the couch with his eyes closed.  He could have been paying really close attention and envisioning the scene in his mind...or he could have been sleeping.  Hard to tell.  So I gave him a little poke in the ribs and asked him a plot question: "What do you think she wanted Reuben to do with the money?"  He stirred, and then he mumbled, "No, thanks."  I looked over at Sarah, who was wide awake and paying attention, and she burst out laughing.  I said, "I'm not offering you a biscuit; I'm asking a reading comprehension question to determine if you're paying attention!"

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