Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Receding featherline

There's a rather..."special"...cardinal that visits us every day.  It appears that he might have had some sort of head injury, because his behavior is bizzare, and he's bald, except for one wild feather on top.  We call him Donald, because his wild hair reminds us of Donald Trump's.

There's a female cardinal that hangs around our yard too.  Donald has tried repeatedly to proposition her with his weird antics: fluffing his feathers in a lopsided way and doing strange dive-bombing type flights near her.  She's unimpressed.  She always just flies away without a backward glance at him.

Sarah: How sad.  She's not the least bit interested in him.
Me: Maybe she's holding out for someone more attractive.
Sarah: What makes a bird attractive?
Me: I guess one with all his parts and pieces in the right places.
Noah: And one that doesn't have a receding featherline. 

Update:  As of June 3, Donald has gone completely bald:
We might have to change his name to Telly Savalas.

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