Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday morning with the teens

Just a few snippets heard around our house this morning:

Sarah:  The wifi's down.
Me: Ask your dad if he has any tips or tricks.
Sarah: Daa-aaad!  The wifi's down!
Mike: [feigning terror, wailing]: Oh no! The wifi's down!  What are we going to do?!
Sarah (to me): Well, I told him, and he didn't do anything about it.
Me: You didn't ask him to.  You just whined about it.  Try this: "Dad, my wifi isn't working. Can you please help me with that?"


[background information: The kids and I have been learning Korean in preparation for our trip to Korea next year.]
Noah: [mumbling and complaining in Korean]
Me (to Noah): aniyo! anchuayo!
Me (to Mike): I just scolded him in his native language. Very satisfying.


I was baking a bunch of potatoes.  Sarah was hovering around the oven, waiting for them to be done.  I opened the oven, took one out, and held it out to Sarah, who refused to take it because it was hot.  I set it on the counter and started singing one of the songs from the Wiggles that the kids used to love when they were little. 
Me: Hot potato, hot potato hot potato hot potato, potato... Take it, honey!
Mike: Potato, potato, potato...
Noah: Ooooo! Wiggy wiggy wiggy. Ooooo! Wiggy wiggy wiggy

Clearly a deeply intellectual song, and we all remember the words all these years later.

[background information: Mike is taking the kids to Kuk Sool classes this morning. This afternoon, Mike and I are taking Sarah to her state gymnastics meet and will be gone for several hours.  Noah is not going. Ten minutes before they're going to leave for Kuk Sool, Noah comes flying out of his room, charger cord trailing behind him like a freakish high-tech tail.]
Noah: I'll be waiting in the car!
Sarah: We're not leaving for another ten minutes.
Me: Plenty of time to have an apple or an orange....
Noah [slightly annoyed]: No thanks, Mom. I'm good.
Me: Well, I won't be here the rest of the day to nag you, so I have to get it all in early.

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