Thursday, June 14, 2012

Star Wonder and Ferdinand

Neighbor kids caught a bunny and invited us to come to the park and see it.
  It had a little white star on its forehead, and the girls named it "Star Wonder". 

The poor thing managed to get away, and a line of kids chased it, yelling, "Star Wonder!  Come back!"

I love to glimpse moments of kindness in my growing-up boy. 

Sarah and her buddy holding hands

Marty the housecat with no claws somehow managed to catch a little rodent. At first I thought it was a vole, but after some research, now I think it's a shrew. Marty brought it into the garage and yelled until I came out to admire her prowess.

She batted it around the garage for awhile, then smugly cleaned herself.

The kids were very interested in the cute little thing.

They took it to their friends' house down the street, and someone named it Ferdinand, for some reason.  We kept him in a shoebox all afternoon and then released him last night.

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