Friday, June 8, 2012

Cherry festival

We love the Washington Cherry Festival.  It's our favorite one.
We always compete in the cherry pit spitting contest.  At least one of us used to win every year, but we've been in a slump the past couple years.  Mike spit this one over 30 feet but didn't place.

I love this guy, because he was dressed exactly like me! I wonder if he's a melanoma survivor too?

Sarah and her new friends waiting in line for a ride

Sarah and her current BFF riding the rollercoaster

Sarah and new BFFs on the scrambler. Where is Noah, you might be wondering?

Click on the picture to see his face.  That sums up his attitude.  He had spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's with two of his cousins the night before and didn't get enough sleep.  Then he had a baseball game earlier, and by the time we got to the festival, he was unbelievably grouchy.

Exhibit A.

Poor Sarah had to look elsewhere for riding buddies.

They did ride together a few times.

The one and only smile out of this kid all day.  We had a good time in spite of him.

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