Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chicago--Day 1

Drove through storms all the way to Chicago.  The rain stopped in time for us to walk to Shedd Aquarium. 
Somebody before us ran over a skunk.  Note the weather out the back window. 

There was a Navy diver presentation that Noah was interested in.  The divers even got in the tank with the fish. 

Sarah was a little creeped out by the big puffer fish. 

Noah tried to make a hump on his head like the fish. 

Noah looking at the jellies.

Those jellyfish are mesmerizing and relaxing.  I could watch them all day. 

Sarah ate her way through the city. 

That's a Navy jet heading for the building.  Very disturbing.  More about that later...
Noah strapping a penguin suit onto Sarah.

Mike showing the kids how thick otter fur is. 

What a privilege to get to see this mother dolphin with her baby.  We even got to see it nurse. 

Noah and his twin. 

Sarah showing me how big the baby dolphin is.  
beluga whale
Outside Harry Caray's restaurant (which we never went in).  Mike explained who Harry Caray was, and the kids said, "Oh, THAT'S why the cow had holes in it and wore those big glasses!"

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