Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kuk Sool Won

Noah signed up for a Korean martial arts class called Kuk Sool Won last week.  He's an entry level white belt.  One of the many things he has to do to move up to yellow belt is to memorize the Kuk Sool Won pledge, which is fairly long.  The instructor (Kyoh Sah Nim) told him to start working on the first sentence, and he would check with him in a couple weeks to see how it was coming.

At tonight's class, Kyoh Sah Nim was asking some of the higher belts to recite the pledge.  Then he asked Noah if he had started working on it yet.  Noah said, "Yes, sir."  Kyoh Sah Nim told him to say as much as he could.  Noah said the whole thing.  Kyoh Sah Nim had everyone clap for him and said he's never had a student memorize it so quickly.  I cried proud mom tears.


Emily said...

Yay Noah!!

Jamie Schroderus said...

Awesome! Is that the one behind Barnes and Noble?

Janes Family said...

He goes to the one in Pekin.