Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sarah's obsession du jour

Sarah gets obsessed with things she wants to do. She'll hone in on something and won't rest until she gets to do it.  I have a hard time knowing what to do with that.  I want to facilitate her passions, but I don't want to spoil her.  Today she woke up and announced, "I want to make strawberry cupcakes from a box, not any fancy internet recipe, no filling, and I want pink and purple icing, fancy, not homemade, with sprinkles."  She always knows exactly what she wants.

I needed a few things at Kroger anyway, so off we went.  She selected her box of strawberry cake mix and then went to the fancy tubes of icing.  I forgot the exact price now (might have blocked it out because it was so shocking), but it was something like $3 or $4 a tube.  I told Sarah we could make our own frosting that would taste better for way cheaper.  She said, "But we can't make it pretty hot pink and purple."  I said  we could get close enough. Then she spotted the neon food coloring and proposed a compromise.  This had the hot pink and purple colors she wanted, along with a couple other cool colors.  There was no price on it or anywhere near it.

We went to check out, and that little box of food coloring rang up $3.19!  I balked.  Sarah convinced me that it was still cheaper than the tubes of fancy icing, and we could use it for months and maybe years.  I caved. 

Look at that face.  She is so full of personality! 

Concentrating hard

Her friend came over to help.

She's loving it.

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